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Currently completed till chapter 400 and I just can't stop myself to give a review . I regret that I found such a amazing character like Nan Hua so late but also sad that I will soon be covering till present chapter and torture myself while waiting for updates soon 😂. Our FL is everything I love in a female lead . How can u not adore her ! 💗 And the siblings love for each other warms my heart. The characters development were gradual and I m seriously liking how slowly their progress is described . The world building is very detailed . Writing quality too is great. Novel's Plot is interesting. Especially love the War and politics elements added here. Nan Hua honestly is one of my favorite patroganist. she got brains , she is smart , kind and cute with her thoughts too. ML I don't have much opinion yet , calm ,cool , collected, smiling tiger. He pass as a classic smiling villian for ppl he hate .


Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower


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