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⚠️ Be warned, this story is so good, you’ll be crying once you’ve caught up and have to wait for the daily updates! Here’s why I love it…ahem…*drum roll* ✅ It has transmigration. Transmigration and rebirth stories are my favorite. ✅ It drives me nuts when you are reading a story and the transition between scenes feels awkward or confusing. But, this story is well written and it flows. And when the FL encounters troublesome characters, the arguments don’t involve trashy language like you get in a lot of other stories. ✅ I’m not sure how much romance will be in this story. Even though I would love to see more interactions between the ML and FL, the story is so good that I don’t mind. The FL transmigrates into the character of a young girl. The story may seem slow because you get to read about and see her progression instead of the author just telling you. But, that just means we get more to read! ✅ I love strong and capable FL’s and ML’s. I ❤️ Sorahana! You are an amazing writer!


Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower


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Thank you very much 💞 I'm glad you like the story 😊


How can we not?

Sorahana:Thank you very much 💞 I'm glad you like the story 😊