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one of the best transmigration story that I've ever read . i strongly recommend this book .this story is amazing . I've been reading many transmigration stories and this, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEEEST . - the pacing is EVERYTHING . the pacing in this book is really good .the author did not just skim through everything and gave many details that made the story better. - the FL is not OP, i mean yes she was a very remarkable assassin in her past life but that's it .she doesn't know medicine and other whatnots .what i mean is she doesn't know almost everything unlike other FLs . - the first story where i stayed even though the FL does not have the memory of her current body. Usually i leave when the FL does not have the body's memory because i don't like it when the FL is clueless in her surroundings and just guess her way through . But in this story, yes, the FL does not have the memories but it doesn't feel wrong .I guess because she's just a child .also, her interactions with other characters is not affected because of this absence. - this is a story where the our main character (which is the FL) did not really became the 'main character' of the story .what i mean is that she did not replace the 'original main character' of the book which is good . - the interaction between FL and ML is really cute even though they're inly a little . anyway, just read this .


Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower


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very nice ❤❤