Review Detail of Kevin_Torralba in Forgotten Prisoner

Review detail


I liked it the concept right now seems interesting although maybe your description can be a little better like when you trembling maybe you could have said rumbling also I don’t really know how our character look or have a picture of how he/she looks bc we haven’t gotten a description of how she looks but maybe we will later on in the story and the world background seems mysterious right now so I’m really curious on how this world is. I like it so I look forward to more of the author decides to keep going on


Forgotten Prisoner


Liked it!




Oh also when you said maybe something like maybe I can find a human settlement or something like that maybe try saying like, I can find a settlement and ask whoever lives in this place for help or something like that because isn’t this like somewhere our mc doesn’t even know? Or also you can say “maybe I can find a human settlement around” “but is there even one.” Make him question his answers if you get what I’m saying but yeah