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Yo Shameless author review has arrived. You can expect a lot of action and Character development as they are what I enjoy most when writing. Romance will be a large part of the character development as the MC states from the start his dream is to be the strongest ninja ever and to have a large family to protect. There will be NO HAREM. I am sorry if that is what you are looking for but I hate harems they bore me with cardboard character development. It is an R-18 novel so you can expect lemon scenes but I will warn before and after so you can skip them if you don’t like them. Canon will be changed as a result of the MC being a part of it. I hope you all enjoy my work. This is my second fanfic and I am dedicated to my first one so expect some inconsistency with chapters but I promise a minimum of 1 chapter a week but usually when I write this I mass write so I hope you guys stick around.


Journey of Kai Ookami (A Naruto Fan-fiction)


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