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Honestly speaking, I truly recommed you all to read this story...just give it a chance...🤓☺😍 Though the FL was talented & gifted (well, she can see ghosts), she has her own flaws that make her such a normal human being. Even the ML, author-san didn't make him super flawless prince...I really love how author-san create slowly love interest between the main characters along with the event they've involved together. With a big rooster, chaotic family members, good friends & masters from school, jealousy persons here & there, it's worthy to spend time reading this story. Also this novel have Ghost Whisperer and Master's Sun vibes (well, not everyone can see the dead one, right?) that make it's quite interesting.🐓👻 I give two thumbs to this novel..👍👍


The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

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