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A true hidden gem. The novel starts out rough in writing quality, but it gets much better, and continually improves (hold out until about chap 50 if considering dropping). The story is fairly lighthearted, and simple, and most importantly it is fun. The imagination of tye author shines through with many of the system names, and it is a unique take on a concept that hasn't been explored by many that I have seen. Over time I have grown accustomed to MCs in books dealing with severe tragedies that affect their character, but this novel, once you get past the bad writing quality at the beginning is a breath of fresh air. I look forward to seeing this novel reach 500+ chapters, and hopefully author will edit starting chapters with their current writing prowess. Overall, it is not a heavily impactful or emotional novel thus far, but it is charming and in my opinion, very much worth a read. Keep up the good work author, and throw some challenges at MC that he will face alone, like trying to learn some creative monster skills like a flame body skill from a Phoenix or something.


Master of none


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(i reviewed at chap 129ish)


this ain't harem right? looks promising.....


honestly just what i needed been reading some haevy novels so i was looking for a light hearted one just kinda in the fence because of the first person pov but i will first try reading till ch 50 and see if i like it