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Sucks that it hasn't been updated for a while, but I like the story. Super cool concept of the race machina and the class path Madison took. Quite handy for the apocalypse. Only thing I found weird is that she kinda almost lost interest in finding her family. For all she knows, Amy could be anywhere and she doesn't give it more than a thought. She doesn't seem that concerned with her family's wellbeing even though they seemed close.


From Normalcy to Fantasy


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I believe I took a different approach to it. I tried to make it where they would have to travel the country to find her family. I’m not going to make the story boring by having them search each and every building. Instead I am foing it on an encounter basis. Like a certain sound draws their attention leading them to check it, or something visually out of place in every sense of the word makes them thing something is wrong. Apologies if the way I wrote it confused you.