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Writing quality- it's about at the level of a 3rd grader, the english is there but there's no grammer the dialogs are horrible and the author changes thing like every 3 chapters to the point you have no idea what's going on..... Story development- there isn't one, it's just a rehash of the cannon even tho mcs a god but the author says he doesn't want him to be to op? but whatev it's his novel character design- I give 1 star because author changes stuff about the character based on other people's desires, which to me shows he didnt put the effort to fully flesh out his character before he started writing Updating stability- it's pretty decent for we novel, but I expect it to be dropped soon, not much you can do with a story like this, author san will burn out after he wrecks a few worlds world background- does not exist in this novel I would give it 0 stars if it was an option overall? not worth your time... find something better


Successor of god


Liked it!

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