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I like this one ...it's the best fresh one out here.... Nd pls have a request keep the reality in the like u r doin now...it's fine to that mc have power nd stuff but keep it like real nd most likely logical... Nd one suggestion to I would like since u have started a new from the start which is way better than old one ..so in this new don't just focus on one girl like I see in every novel now n then in heram which is that there's always a girl which important than other in mc eyes...which is disturbing...so pls don't make that mistake nd let the girls be unique without pointing to any importance...give the reasonable screening to every girl ...beacuse there are so many examples in every novel I read that authers just forget abt some girls nd most of them are the milfs one like 35+ ones they got in relation have *** nd after that they just won't mention them or just metion them at rendomly ...it's annoying seriously..so pls if u can don't do that... don't skip the some daily life moment with them...cause then it will feel realistic...


Fantastic Life Tycoon


Liked it!




I have decided to keep the harem short. max about 4 to 5.