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This novel was easy to read with the style that the author wrote in. I did not have to try to separate dialogues from thoughts, and thoughts from normal details. As I'm a new reader, I don't know what the update rate is like, but as long as he isn't like my friend, it's all good. As for story development, it's good. There's not too much action, nor is there too little action. It's just right and enough. The character design... I love it! The MC is just... Wow... He really catches my eye. As for the world background, it's also easy to catch details of it. I find this novel easy and nice to read especially with the simple amount of details that aid every paragraph.


Conquest Carnival: Two Worlds Collide


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Glad to know that you've enjoyed the read! I can't exactly vouch for my own upload schedule though, as my time to write varies from day to day. . . However, I will be uploading chapters for the foreseeable future!