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Gimmeeee more chaptersss to eat @-@ I am freaking starving here for those chaptersss @_@ Anyways nice work author this is one fine work (o-o) makes me curious what's inside ur head now lemme dig it out. don't mind me just filling up words with whatever I can ~(o-o)~ but keep it up nice work


Lucifer's Descendant System


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The writer of this novel is a Brazilian youtuber called "Zy" who was exposed a few months ago for exchanging nude photos with a minor girl who was one of his subscribers. She was about 15 years old.


The writer is a Brazilian youtuber called "Zy". He was recently accused of exchanging indecent messages and photos with a minor (I believe he was under 15, as his age was not openly disclosed). He appeared on Twitter again, after a long time away from the internet, bragging about his current income and thanking him for the cancellation. Showing once again that he doesn't regret what he did. We in Brazil ask you, help us to end this good life he is having. Zy proved to us several times that he is not sorry. This bastard didn't learn his lesson even though he lost his YouTube channel, so let's get the novel out of it too. We count on his help. Thank you for reading this far.