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Short summary for those like me who could not find one: This story is about a vampire and his supernatural companions trying to become part of normal human society. It is written from the perspective of a godlike chronist and is mainly our MC trials and tribulations. But, this does not work out well. Translation is hard with normal first or third person stories and it is way more difficult with this type of story. I am not saying that the translation is bay, it just does not capture the nuanced approach necessary for such a novel. The whole thing is bland and uninspired. Suptle jokes and funny expressions are completely lost during translation. Which is not a major problem for story driven novels, but in this case it makes for a very bad reading experience. This is the first novel on WN I have read, where I am disappointed with the quality of the translation. My recommendation is to drop that novel or get a professional translator team to translate the whole novel before re-releasing chapters.


Records Of Barton's Fantastical Events

Zha Yao

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