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As of chapter 19 Writing Quality : 5/5 The overall writing quality of this novel is good thus far (little to no mistakes). Story Development : 4/5 There is not enough story development at this moment which is due to the lack of chapters. Character Design : 4/5 The novel is a basic MC type (monster evolution) ,but an interesting type of monster. There is already an introduction to 2 of the side characters. Not much is said so far on them. Stability of Update : 3/5 The lack of chapters and slow update speed made me give the novel a low score for update stability. World Background : 4/5 The world background is also lacking due to tge lack of chapters. Based of how the story is going i feel that the world background exploration will be slow and will open up massively once there is some form of civilisation found. Overall : 4/5 The novel so far is good and keeps the audiences attention. However, the lack of chapters will be the biggest factor to why this story will not be popular as of yet. Most novels end their introductory phase at around chapter 30-50 depending on how long their novel is expected to be. To be only at the introduction makes it hard for readers to want to keep up despite how interesting and good the story is so far. For people who do not mind the slow wait I would reccomend this novel to you. However, if you are a binge reader i reccommend you to come to this novel later when it hits higher numbers so you can binge read.


System: King of Monsters


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