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this is absolutely one of the best stories or at least one of them that I've ever read. it's like you fit your words together perfectly. I love it. i wish you good luck aand I hope you continue this story have a good day.


The Shadow:


Liked it!




Thank you so much, honestly I thought no one would care about my taste in heroes. Pulp-fiction is one of the greatest genre to ever be reproduced from the mid to late twentieth century. And the shadow was the original dark knight before batman, what we know about the modern superhero is owed due to the shadow blazing the path forward. I'm currently plan on working on this series some more; however, I need to research more about my hero lore. I highly recommend reading the Shadow pulp stories or listening to the old radio show, there was a movie back in the 90s but it didn't do the character justice. stay tone loyal reader, more the shadow will return.