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Writing quality: pretty good in the first place compared to allot of the stuff I've read, it gets better further into the book. Barely any mistakes in grammar either. Stability of updates: good, a little bit unstable with gaps every now and then that only last a few days. Story development: amazing, delves into the world it's set in and even builds up more. Character design: great, for once the characters actually feel like real people and act like a real person unlike many other books that make the side-characters cater to the mc every whim and seem to only exist for the mc. world background: the author mentions unnecessary characters and makes it apparent that the world isn't halted around the mc and that there is other stuff happening that the mc isn't apart of. it gives a sense of realism that you don't get with other books that pretend that only the stuff that is happening around the mc is important. it shows that there is more going on than what you see.


Harry Potter - Scion of House Ignis


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