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Finally, mother****ers because they always make the protagonist follow the MC, he makes the whole anticlimactic story and you predict what will happen is boring to see another secondary character in the story, why they can never be creative and stop plagiarizing the original story with only a few changes. ah sorry xD is that I have to let off steam you don't know how frustrating it is to have to reread novels that I already read with only a few changes, I hope she makes a good novel and the love interest that Ye Ziyun adore her in the novel was so good but the Nie Li's old fart played a lot of mind games making her fall in love that disgust I can't stand it the first time I read it I loved it and the second time I reread it I realized how gross it would be for a 300-year-old guy to see you as If I knew you all my life, disgusted friend, just thinking about it gives me chills, let's not talk about the super sweet plot armor and its super-cheated elements that sometimes irritate, as people sacrifice themselves just because he can't keep up. Low profile and should boast above all just for his 300 years of experience, God I can't stand it, please make a good novel see you later.


Reincarnated into Tales of Demon and Gods as the Antagonist


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Sure, I will.


Um can you fix the synopsis up a lil bit the english is kind of off. Like his title "Sage of Scholar" is the dumbest thing I've ever read. It basically means "A wise old man with a particular branch of study (usually literature)" sounds dumb right?

Denigrate_Demon:Sure, I will.