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Honestly whenever I review a original on this site/app I usually start with stating how rare it is for me to read a original and let alone leave a review on one, and then go on a long rant about how most originals here are not good etc. Today I'll skip that to say that is truly one of the few great original novels on this site. I was recently craving some detective novels after I watched The Mentalist for the 4th time (only till the red john) So instead of buying a popular printed book I decided to find one on Novelupdateș. Com. There were few Crazy Detective Netherworld investigator Genius detective Super detective on a fictional world But I didn't like the protagonist's of the first two. I wanted someone more like Sherlock Holmes or Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. The Genius detective is actually not bad And then there's Super Detective. This I actually read all the available chapters on machine translation. Definitely not a detective story, well atleast not how you'd expect but a good Marvel fanfiction. Although first few chapters are pretty bad. Anyway during that time I came across "100 Ways to Solve a Murder" Honestly if it was any other time I would not have clicked on it at all. Because of how rarely I read originals. But it came to me just at the right time. Like it was fate. I had very low expectations and Although the reviews here did give me some hope. And I have to say those reviews are not wrong. It is a very good story. the author does take some inspiration from Sherlock Holmes for his character but really almost all detective shows or books are in some aspects. Just keep reading it. At first it might seem slow Or just some romance novel (even tho romance isn't bad either) I'm not a professional critique so I don't think I'll be able to give detail reviews why I like it. But I'll just say what I know First the Grammar, which is very good, at least to me. I have a hard time immersing myself in originals here because of how many I find awkward sentences or wrong grammars. Here I had no problem at all. Second the characters. honestly if I hadn't read the story at all and someone described the male protagonists to me I'd probably wouldn't read the story at all. But here it fits and it works. I like the main characters. I rarely or even never read romance stories. But when I read only first chapters of the books which comes off more as a romance than a detective book I still read on. Mostly because of the characters. If I have too say, it is both a detective novel and a romance novel. Writing Style and Storytelling : I don't how to distinguish between bad and good But from what I have read I realy liked the style and I like the storytelling and that's all that matters. Anyway I would recommend giving this a try to everyone. It is definitely worth reading. I recommend reading the first volume (about 70 chapters? Before a review)


100 Ways to Solve a Murder


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Quite Ironic if I do say so myself. I wrote about how I find it hard to immerse myself in a story that has too many awkward sentences and grammar errors. And that sentence itself is awkwardly written. I wish Webnovel provided the option to edit our comments or reviews, atleast within 5 minutes of writing it. Another correction is Volume 1 is about 40 chapters not 70.


thank you for the review. you're awesome