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I think I found one of the hidden gems in Webnovel. When I finish all of the chapters on my other ongoing novel that i read, I decided to browse the recommendations, then I found this gem. What attracted me first is the cover. I thought the silver hair person is a lady but then I read the book description and realize that this is a BL story. intrigue, i started to read and it took me less then two days to finish all of the chapter. I truly had pleasant surprise. I really really like the MC character, Moulin. I like his inner monologue and his effort to make sure his new life is better then his past. I like how the story developed and the pace too. it's not too slow and not too fast. it give you enough detail without make yourself bored. I already put this book into my library and can't waiiiiiiiiiit for this book to have more chapter. Good job author. I hope you continue this story until it finish. Thank you for your hardwork 🥰


A Gorgeous White (BL)


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