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Sighhh where do I start? There's tons of things I want to say! I'm currently at ch 62. Right, firstly, knowing MC died in his first life through suicide bothers me a bit. It made me sceptical to continued reading, but as he truly wanted to start over, and was grateful of this second life makes it better, i guess. it's not mentioned often, so I could move on from it hehe. Also, the MC's personality may look unfitting with how he was in his first life, but it wasn't actually like that. He seems so brave suddenly in his second life, but he's just good at hiding it is all. Continue to read, and you'll slowly see through his inner thoughts. He's slowly growing stronger emotionally and physically. Character development! But one thing I find surprising is how easily he killed? I mean, he's someone from the 21st century where killing isn't easily acceptable so... I will take it as having an open mind as he was a writer hehe The plot is interesting as well. I can see that the world setting of this story clearly. However, there was no huge info dump. Every bit of information is revealed through the MC's journey. The ML is as usual your all powerful, domeneering, and has a powerful identity. I like it anyway hahaha. I say that he's domeenering, but it's to everyone except MC haha. There's also the familial bond with MC's family. All the family members are caring! So nice! I like it! I'm satisfied with most things except for these few typos. But I must admit amongst the typos, some that irks me most are the wrong use of: its/it's, were/we're, your/you're. Can't help it, I get quite aksoekd with these typos. Honestly tho, the typos are minor and easily understandable. So yea, that's it!


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