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Author's Shameless Review I hope this will answer some questions. 1. This story available in Bahasa, i just want to get more viewers so i released the english version 2. FL caring so much about her image, but actually she's kinda savage . Meanwhile my ML is kinda naive boy '-'/ 3. Even though i put this story on female lead, but i like both my MC (Carolina and Ethan), so this story is about both of them, i'm trying to get both of them equal screen time. 4. There will be smut? Hahaha, but im trying to keep it "Parental Guidance Suggested" 5. English is not my primary languange, so sometimes i have trouble to translate it. We have different culture, after all. But feel free to correct it, so i can do better for the next time~ Don't forget to comments and review Cheers~


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