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It's great! I like how the advancement of the plot and the story itself is going. Accompanying Fin on his adventures would be quite exciting, watching his growth will be a wonderful experience. I would suggest that you should consider the types of planets out there and not just classify them as civilian planets. What I'm trying to say is that it's nearly impossible to live on a gas giant or a planet with thin to no atmosphere, so you could try uhh creating specialized areas or a dome in a colony only with the sole purpose of residing on that planet, but that's just an idea you can take it further. I am genuinely looking forward for the development of the story as well as the author's own progress on improving themselves for a better story for us to enjoy. I sincerely thank you Opx_Silent for making this! This is a gem- A Diamond in the Rough.


Rebirth of Vastator


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Thank you for your kind compliment and for also enjoying reading my story. I actually just want to mention the planet names and a bit of info about them and the 'Type' I stated there is not the description of the planet entirely It's just what type is it since every planet is different, I'm also reluctant to include the description of every planet I mention since it will take too much of my time and I don't want to dump all the information this early in the story and don't worry eventually I will explain the info of all the planet one by one, maybe next chapter I will talk about So'Lax where Finn currently Is. Glen_Marco Thank you again since the beginning of this story I always saw your comment and your support, I'm doing this for fun but for someone to actually enjoy it makes me happy and motivated :3 I will be back shortly since I'm currently busy maybe tomorrow I would post the next chapter or something :D


I am looking forward to it! Good luck, I'll be cheering you on!