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(Author) If you want to continue and read my novel please read this before that. Like I said in my other review that I'm creating this novel 'blindly' means I don't have a script when writing the chapter or what's going to happen in the future, but I created some like how the worlds going to end up being, what's going to happen to Fin, what type of system and what type of plot am I going to write, and while I'm writing some setting for my novel,I want you to know that this novel is going to be about 'game' and stuff, but I want more not just about creating a game, doing this and doing that, that's why I added something and while I was doing that I notice that my novel is going to be a bit similar to 'Black Tech Internet Cafe System', It's just a bit similar but very different :D I'm just saying so that many of you are aware :3 thank you <3


Rebirth of Vastator


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