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SHAMELESS REVIEW! 1. .This is a sci-fi fantasy novel. My first one. However, I will do my best to research and write a good story for everyone! This is a slow novel with lots of faceslapping. 2. No Abuse or R*pe, No misunderstandings and third party or second male or second female leads. You know the deal. 3. If you are looking for a female lead that needed saving then stop reading. This novel is NOT for you. I don't like females who suddenly turn weak when the ML is around. Or blushes every time they see the ML's abs. That's just not for me. 4. Just like my previous novel, this one will have a lot of Art of War, 48 Laws of Power and many ideologies and theories. I might even add some political theories. Basically this novel will be full of strategies. 5. I don't know how to write smut. I am trying my best and this is just a warning. Please don't cringe. 6. When will you lock the chapters? I don't know yet. 7. Is this going to be contracted too? Yes. 8. Lets remember that this is just fiction in a fictional world. This does not show my personal views about life or people. My grammar is not good but I will try my very best to have the chapters edited before releasing them. I hope you will enjoy reading the novel. This is the Book One of my Seven Sin's Series. Book One: Wrath: The Sovereign Book Two: Pride Book Three: Envy Book Four: Gluttony Book Five: Greed Book Six: Lust Book Seven: Sloth


The Sovereign


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One more masterpiece? Nice ;)


I am big fan of ur stories....ur queen of faceslapping.....wide spread ur imagination, I will read every book...


Awesome!!! Excited to see this novel gain more momentum. Most novels, I follow based on synopsis and how well the chapters are, yet... when I see TheBlips as author, I just automatically add it to my library ❤


#5 you did just fine in TVW. Practice makes perfect, as they say, so we hope that your smut writing ability has improved. That'd be good enough. How long is this book going to be if there's no romance till 500 or so chapters?