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Okay, so does this book get better? So far it has to be one of the most frustrating things I have ever read. It's like the mc does not have a spec of intelligence. Like, he has to get home yes. However, first, he needs to worry about himself. Increasing his stats, lvl up ALL his abilities instead of throwing shells at trees. Up his perception, so he can look into space to learn space magic, star magic etc then he can increase his space magic until he can travel home using it as his main magic. Has some protection for himself so when he gets home he can acc do something. He had seen 3 dragons on his TINY spec of land. The ocean is WAY worse than the sky. He has to travel what 800,000 kilometres to land. Why tf is he thinking he can make that by running or on a tiny wooden boat? Where he is positioned with no pollution he can acc see space and the stars clearly. That's why it makes sense for him to learn space magic. Also, why is it when using water magic it has to have rained or is raining ? He is surrounded by an ocean... is that not water? Wait wait I forgot something with the stats, it is set up terrible and the way he uses it is awful. He just adds in everything to one collum, it is honestly annoying af... does he not know a proper stat build???? There are way to many as well, you have like what 8 things? Adding onto that, you need a point to increase health and mana? Wtf is that? Finally it's his Luck, it's meant to be at 1.... why is it then he is so fcking lucky?????


Unlimited Power - The Arcane Path (COMPLETED)


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I agree, Mc decisions are somewhat not logical, but it's even worse when he leaves the island




Obviously this has plenty of wrong side, but the space magic idea is dumb as hell. We don't know the difficulty of space magic, it should be much worse than the other one, better idea to use wind magic to fly, will take much less time.


That space idea is pretty retarded but everything else is reasonably sound