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I just caught up reading this novel and I must say, I am torn between regret and satisfaction! 😅 Regret because I regretted finding this gem way too soon as the updates are not as regular as I want it to be, unfortunately! Author-nim, how about blessing us with daily updates pretty please 😚 kekeke And satisfaction because OHLALA! This story is just similar to my favorite novel, The Rebirth of the Malicious Military Lineage! Okay given that our FL didn't have a rebirth like Shen Miao but was instead transmigrated into a different body BUUUT it's the same world and timeline from her past self. They're similar in a way that she, Xiaofei, is bent on avenging herself on her scum ex-husband who killed her. Of course we also have her pathetic excuse of a family, except for her Grandfather who dotes on her wholeheartedly. Did someone order a case of faceslapping on stupid ex fiance, shrew aunties and feeble uncles? YES! ME!!!✋ And our ML! SIGH. He reminds me of Xie Jing Xing as they both have peerless beauty lol and of course they also both have hidden businesses (pawnshop and restaurant) that is obviously not actually what it seems to be. No love at first sight in here as well, more like interest at first sight 😄 Just start reading this novel y'all and hopefully that will inspire our author to write more chapters! Hahahaha


The Birth of a Villainess


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Omg I love that novel!!


Thanks for this amazing review. it was the deciding factor on reading this book


I love that novel! One of my favourite that tops my list! Shen Miao still holds the 1st place as best rebirth FL in my list, imma give this book a read definitely for sure now.