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The story has great potential! but sadly it is not for me. It follows the character with a guild system, that at first i would imagine it should be considered the creation of the mythical adventurers guild, but sadly it is not so. it is a players guild not the adventures guild there is a difference. The mc is one dimensional, there is barely any world background, and magic is severely under utilize for what i can perceive. by what i can tell, there will be plenty of plot armor, outrageously bless by luck mc and unnecessary conflict where shouldn't have been none. A character like the mc's situation would have to be extremely concern about how the terrible consequences his action would take, but he seems oblivious about it. but just because is not for there will be people that will enjoy the story so keep it up!


The Guild System (Hiatus)


Liked it!




I apologize for disappointing you, but about the mc being oblivious that's because of the system controlling some of his thoughts and emotions. As for the other things, those will slowly unfold later, like magic since in that area no one uses magic. The world-building isn't there yet since I always do that very slowly. All in all, thank you for reading.