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Okay, that's different from others kind of Chinese stories. If you put aside first 20 chapters, where beta guy voyeur on people having cake and be the most jealous prick. You will get, bipolar mc that :devil when he is horny, and degenerate /Buddha after relief.... This level of inconsistency and idiotic characters, you can't get even in slice of life op Japanese mc. It's certainly on another dimension, that will get you questions sanity of writer. Plot is... Ugh... It's existed, okay. I'm not gonna deal with this. It's overcomplicated inconsistent idiotic garbage. That's all I can say. The worst part though, writing. Because of Chinese description and weird phrases, I can't enjoy mature scene. Most characters in best, have one distinct trait that could help you remember them. But girls look, or how steamy scenes, lost in they slang and way of describing. I don't blame translator, though. He doesn't have anything to work with, in first place. Conclusion. As r-18 novel with controversial themes, it's not that enjoyable. But there no other options. If you bored of all heroic guys that gets girls, because how kind he is, give it a chance. But don't expect much. p.s theme of corruption of mc, very poorly written, so I can't believe in anything. And that's like central theme of whole novel.....


Qingming College


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It's like plic at start, going in direction of Yoshida corruption over trying to heal him. But worst....


Do you have the raw link?

DevilTriggered:It's like plic at start, going in direction of Yoshida corruption over trying to heal him. But worst....

Nope, I'm on phone, there was in comments chapter, around 20-30 chapters, try to look there.

Faizan_Javed:Do you have the raw link?