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This story has an amazing plot . The couples growth is also smooth as well as the childish banter and bickering among the friends is quite funny . There are also side couples and friendship goals . Unlike the CEO and damsel in distress novels , here both the ML and FL are quite strong and intelligent. The FL is also a badass and has a poisonous tongue but she is also quite caring towards her loved ones . And GOD!!! The FL’s family is hilarious . The story development is also interesting . There are some grammatical and punctuation mistakes here and there , but the storyline is so awesome that these mistakes become negligible. I was just looking for a time pass but as I scrolled down ...I discovered that it is a GEM !!! So Author please keep writing till the end because my little heart would break if u are like those heartless authors who don’t care about the feelings of the readers and abandon their works in between . And author please continue the stable updates and time to time also give mass releases and if u r going on Haitus please inform when will u be coming back .So Author-sama please please please keep writing and FIGHTING!!!!


Sweet Doting Husband: Sorry, my Wife is a little Crazy


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