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Another good story ruined because the author thought- it is missing something. It is missing the same old cliche of prince saving the princess.. and then starts the so called real story.. where she is cold at first and the mc doesn't mind her attitude.. this goes on until the girl falls in love with the mc because of all the hardships they hve suffered together.. and other *hit. Anyway. I am done.. and the chapter where made the mc instruct his elemental to lift weights was stupid. It is as if the mc was living in a cave. 18 yrs of life in a magic world and also from a mage family and he knows nothing about magic, not even about mana stone( he has to read it in a book when he got the stone).. he was so busy that he didn't even have time to read books he had to improve his strength and knowledge and here he yaps about wanting to be strong.. what a load of *ull *rap. So as I was saying, he makes an elemental, an energy being to do *PHYSICAL* stuff.. like getting hit, weight lifting and physical damage.. having found the wind mana, he didn't even try to use it.. and the b*ll *rap about the mc feeling the same as the damsel in distress is so unbearable.... How he wipes her tears even when just moments ago she tried to use u for her plans...??? I am really done.


Rise My Elementals!


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