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You missing out on something huge if you not reading this!!! Literally!!! Gonna be honest I had a day in my life when I felt like I should give up on stories cause well alot has been happening and ya it's complicated πŸ˜… anyways the point isπŸ™ˆ, the only reason I am stuck to webnovel is simply because of this book and basically this authors books in general because for me like I like to call it's, 'my little secret happiness'. Well you'll obviously have your own views and a different take on the book depending on the books you've read and stuff, so for me after reading all the books I've read and tried to read, this has been one of thee most favourite book of mine, well firstly the characters are perfect, their personality, expression of emotions, hiding of feelings and just them being them, it's written super well and the thing that makes a book perfect for me would be when I feel the emotions and can connect with the characters and it's not easy for an author to do that, I don't know but it just feels like magic when even before reading the whole scene or chapter but just the way a few words are written the emotion hits from deep within and it feels even magical when you get it right after completing the scene. Secondly well the book is totally worth the time, currently chapters are not updated everyday but when the chapter is realised it feels fulfilling, it's totally worth the wait... you'll never be disappointed, Never! If you looking for something that isn't supernatural this is for you and also if you just looking it's for you actually, you know what I don't see a single reason for you to not be reading this book especially when it's written by this author , my review aside I guarantee you from every other review and comment posted about this book that this book is worth it alll... It's a must read!!!


Crashing into an Old Flame


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I'm gonna cry seriously!😭 πŸ’œ