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So far I am interested but I gotta say kinda ridiculous and stupid....3 years old and able to fight 15 year old apprentices..even I am calling BS,,,now make no mistake..I love OP MC..like madara level OP..but gotta be done at the right time..ex: maybe when he was 5 instead of 3..like itachi...plus the parents and clans reaction to all this is stupid..there barely is any ....other than the straight out praise..BUT eh!...I 'll let it pass but keep MC stupid OP but build it ,,,,,,also make him smart and make him use it secretly to **** with his enemies..like a hidden Dragon?....add some romance and fluff but build...dont make MC a perverted retard like issei or make his lovers shallow..ex: they fall in love with MC cause he is OP...build the romance...goodluck and goodshow.......pairing:[elf princess? beast girl?...lamia?..just build the romance and if harem keep it small]


Into A Clan From Another World


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Got it, thanks for the feedback. Now that you mention it I did get carried away with lol. I'll think more carefully about what I add. Hope you the best of luck on your reading, hopefully I'll see more of what you think, later on, the story will get better (except on the battle scenes, which I'm not that confident in). Take care


Don't stop writing it's a great book