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Writing this after reading the first 12 chapters. I just wanted to say what I felt reading the 12 chapters. I don't care who the male lead is or didn't bother trying to read past it to find out, Lian and Airi touched my heart so much. This is very different from what I've read so far and I wanted you to know I absolutely love your plot. Omg you made me cry so much... I could totally feel the emotions you wanted everyone to feel. This novel touched my heart so deep that I felt pain reading the memories and his farewell. I can't stop my tears from reading it. You just ruptured my tear glands with this story. I'm so sad that Airi and Lian didn't get the ending they wanted but I'm looking forward to read what's next in store. I still cry imagining it happen.. you are one amazing writer and I'm so happy that I found this book. Can't imagine how Airi would move on and I'm waiting to know how she gets strong enough to move on. Ohh yes , I'm waiting to know more about the male lead now 😅 Ps: I'm a very sensitive person, maybe that's why it touched me enough to make me cry my heart so much. Love you girl and your book❤️


The Days When I’m With You


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And this is my first time writing a long review.... I just loved it so much❤️


uh uh


I love this story




does it have a happy ending or not?