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As an ******* writer, the content within this story is just juicy. The first chapter left me panting for more(literally) and the pure love depicted in the beginning of the story is like a breath of fresh air(even to a single dog like me) after drowning in the stuffy 'novel world atmosphere' of misunderstandings, rape and harassment executed to the female lead by the ML himself. I just love the story and, honestly, were it not for the five star limit set by the developers, I would have given this book a sharp 100%!! Anyways, thanks for writing this book in the first place and, please(I'M BEGGING YOU🙏🙏)don't stop writing this book!!


The Days When I’m With You


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Thank you for the five stars, love! OMG I love you! Yes, I feel the same way, I'm kinda tired of the harassment by ML in other novels. As if it hurts their pride if they treat the FL right. I feel like they treat it like a game. They want the FL to fall in love first cos then he will not lose first. It's like he wants to stand on the high ground in the relationship not an equal one.


And I'm glad you enjoy the story. If you do, pls stay for the next chapters! :D