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To be completely honest, I see it as one of the 'typical' reincarnations I see on a daily basis around the webnovel platform. The story feels bland and it feels like it centers around reincarnation for the sake of being a reincarnation genre. There's nothing new except for some slightly changed concepts here and there. All I see are the same overpowered stuff, the same slimes, the same adventurer's guild, the same magic crystal, and the same concepts repeated over and over again. A good and unique world crafted with care doesn't hurt anyone, it just takes dedication and time. The protagonist feels off in a sense that she has times where she completely shifts in mood and acting out of character, giving the readers an off idea that she's not a well-built and solid character. Overall, it has potential to improve, of course. But as of right now, I can't immerse myself in the world the author is trying to make. Sorry if I came off as too picky or rude, but we need criticisms like these to help us see the limitations of our novels and improve our writing.


Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel


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