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One word I would use to describe this novel. KINKY. Wow, both the title and the story are kinky as heck. Not much to say, except if you want a story that has plently of juicy *** between two or more males, then read this. Although the plot development story isn't quite existent, well, I guess if you count WHO Leo will **** next/ be ****ed by as a development, then sure there are loads. At first, I thought this story would be kinda Leo had a one night stand with Jan and somehow somewhere they'll have some kind of romantic development, or Jan fucks Leo, then Leo have Jan as his only **** buddy. But, I'm totally wrong. Leo doesn't even remember Jan's name at this point of the novel. He just knows it starts with a J, pftt- Poor Jan. Drank a whole well of vinegar, yet the other party doesn't care that much. I'm excited to see how their relationship will develop. This novel is also making me question the stamina of human males (I know this is purely fiction, however, it does makes you think). Since, Jan banged Leo 'until he couldn't stand'. I mean, judging by how many rounds Leo could go on for with other people (which is 5-6 rounds or more) I'm just here thinking how much stamina does Jan has.


A Slut's life can also become sore (BL) - HIATUS


Liked it!

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