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simply garbage...now before u come for my ass let me tell u why I feel like it. 1. The world background screams ATG but the author tries to make it original by giving new names to places. It simply feels like a cheap copy version of ATG. 2. The mentality of the MC is ****ed up. He kills a woman who offers him a job and robs her clean and his reason to do that is because he is poor, he wants to stay low-key , he found lust on her eyes. idiot wants to stay low-key but kills without batting an eye without thinking of possible consequences. 3. He is a hypocrite. He killed a woman because he felt lust on her eyes and just after that he acts like a horny dog when he meets a beautiful girl. 4. He is mad and curse the god for being stingy with kp but has no problem spending almost all of his kp to buy a medicine for a girl in exchange with her virginity and when the girl offers her body he acts like a sage and refuses it. I call this bullshit. 5. just when he acts like a sage and refuse a girl giving her body to him, he finds himself in a bar and spits some cringy ass lines to random woman and boom he is ready to get laid. hypocrite at it's finest. killed a woman because he found lust in her eyes and now he is here like a horny dog who will sleep with any woman he finds. garbage. 7. the most disappointing thing is his character. he has not a single quality that would describe him as a Spartan much less the god kratos himself! I know he is not kratos but still it's so off-putting to read this shit and imagine him being kratos.


Kratos in Cultivation world


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Thank you for the warning so I don't have to suffer reading through this novel