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Lame This is stupid in many ways. Petty I say. He should have died from the first chapter. For such a spineless bastard. Even if they made a stupid fucking mistake to him it was started because of his incompetent father. He should have taken all his pettynes on him. Show results and represent an invisible profit and benefits to the (Kingdom. But no he just have to be a Man-child. Taking unrealistic girls left and right. Fucking rapist. This is why abortion is legal. He does not take action and control to make a better world nor destroy it. Instead he just keep fucking around. Another parasite to be cleansed. Lower than the enemies he faced. He took offense of such a childly ploy and instead of playing it off and be the bigger man, he fucking... DAMN YOU AUTHOR. YOU ARE A CORROUSIVE CUM STAIN. He is an immortal and the most powerful in this current "World". Proclaiming to be an Experienced Mother Fucker who has reincarnated for over seven hundered times (that is two times three hundred fifty Motha Facka). Experience being all archetypes. But still have an intellegence lesser than of an Ant. I hope those over seven hundred worlds are okay. For an Immortal, he is a disgrace. A Pretentious Cunt. Having thoughts that he have done anything and to come up with such a childish ploy, WHAT A JOKE! HIM being called a Bastard not because of him being born of an affair but him being such a dickhead, is a great name for him for he is such a Dick Waffle. Really, why have you taken this route.


Fourth Prince's Debauchery


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