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Honestly? This is an awesome story, can't wait to read more of it, I recommend people to at least give it a try, most of you won't be disappointed I regret leaving this book on hold for months now, but kinda not since I got to read all the currently available chapters in one go


Morningstar of Sin


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You can check out my other works as well lol.


Yeah, I read you're reaper one when it was just starting, however not long once I catched up my phone started tripping (this was months back) and kept crashing many of my apps, I had to get a new one, but once I downloaded the app all my saved chapters were lost, and since all the saved progress was lost I had to go around finding the correct chapters I left on and gave up half way (in total I have around 1k books in my library) so my bad but now that I found you again (didn't know you were the same author until right now and from what you're AN in the chapters gave) ill go check out that book again, plus the dead one too

SykoNex:You can check out my other works as well lol.