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While reading the story I felt like the manner in which things were presented was rather familiar and lo and behold, it was because the author is the same one that wrote (writes) The Undead Legion. The pacing of the story is good and the world is built very interestingly, its quite refreshing to see a cultivation novel that's mixed right with magical fantasy, so many novels on this site fail to mix the two of them and end up leaning too heavily on either one of them by the half way point. The characters are fleshed out, some more so than others; I do have a rather small gripe with how easily the two main female characters changed their attitudes towards the MC. Especially Lissandra, I get what the author tried to convey by having her personality like that but the change was so sudden and drastic it made me roll my eyes. But its not to the point where it would ruin the story. The writing quality is decent. There's quite a few syntax and grammatical errors, the most egregious ones are during dialogues where the author uses the quotation marks for the start and end of a characters lines. He sometimes ends the dialogue too soon with the mark or too late breaking the flow of the story in some cases. You can tell this story was written around the same time The Undead Legion was written since the grammatical errors here are reminiscent of the first chapters of the other story. But his other story improved with time and if the author ever returns to this one it will most likely improve as well. For now I left only 3 stars in stability of updates since it seems like this story is on hiatus while he focuses on his main one. I do hope you one day return to this one.


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