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Ok, the story was good at first. Seemed funny with the whole reincarnarion parts, but all of a audden everything got so fast paced. Like author, slow down tf. It made the story less enjoyable. And so many random sexual scenes?? Like the way it builded up doesn’t even make sense. I felt zero romance, cause the writing was so fast and there was barely any room for development in the characters. Fl was likeable at first but later on became sorta dumb? This was after meeting ml too🤦🏻‍♀️ And the ml, don’t even get me started, typical ass self entitled guy who knows he’s the **** and hot, and lowkey forces himself onto her. Just was not a fan of either leads. And the “sister” too? Author I don’t know why you made her dialogue sound like a 13 year old talking when fl and her are the same age. Did you try to make her sound “cute” and innocent or something? I’m not sure but it made the writing less interesting and professional. Overall, I dont recommend, seems enjoyable at first but wasted my time reading. Way too fast paced and poorly developed characters. Author take this review as constructive criticism, cause this story could be way better if heavy editing is done.


Young Miss Strike Back!


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