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All in all a great work so far. 1. English and grammar are on point not to say perfect but it's probably a 9.5 out of 10. 2. The plot is amazing and the build of each arc was amazing with no rushed plot or awkward transitions 3. The character dialogues are amazing and there is no forced interaction or forced relation to say of, well maybe the first convo betwenn mc and jennifer walters could have gone a bit better lol, 4. For a novel that has a system theme there is little to be left desired as the author makes a great way of letting the reader know of the mc's advancement without unnecessary info dumps and character sheet pop ups. 5. The mc in my opinion is very likeable and realistic to most mc's who are normal in their own world but become sociopaths/psychopaths in their reincarnation or something. 6. The mc isn't a bimbo, i mean he flirts a little here and there but has a good head on his shoulder's and his character is really good. So if you are reading this review than in my humble opinion, this would be one of the top ff in this app i've ever read and that's saying something cuz i've read a good amount of ff's here.


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