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I am writing this after reading through 7 chapters, so please take it with a pinch of salt. This is a very interesting concept, and it is quite funny for me to imagine Emperor Franz Josef with his bushy beard and conservatism, going on a different life trajectory than in reality. The translation is excellent, and I haven't personally had any problems with it. I haven't read far enough to be affected by stability of updates, so I've just put it at a 5 for now. The story is that of a random Chinese person being reincarnated into the body of Franz Joseph I, the second last Austrian Emperor (he died halfway through World War I, so his successor didn't exactly have a long reign). The reincarnation happens when he is still heir and not yet monarch, and the story is about his attempts to preserve and further the interests of, the Austrian empire. We have no idea why this reincarnation happened, and there is at least initially virtually no background development to the actual Chinese character as opposed to Franz Joseph. I am presuming that reincarnation was simply used by the author to give Franz Joseph a less reactionary personality and knowledge of the future. This nevertheless seems slightly *******ish. This *******ism is unfortunately further exposed by the author's lack of attempts to show the depth of relationships between Franz and the people around him, each relationship simply being shown in a mostly business-like context. Some of the actions of the character seems poor and unnecessary. An example of this is how he visits the prime minister Metternich without any warning, and waits several hours for him to come home, all to give a suggestion which is immediately shut down. The name he gives his newspaper (the necessity of which I also fail to see) also sounds more like a slogan than a name, although I presume it sounds better in Chinese. The author does show a more-than-decent understanding of the political and economic situation of Austria (soon-to-become Austria-Hungary) in this time period. Nevertheless, he also neglects utterly the significance of religion to the state and the people who lived in it, despite acknowledging briefly that Franz Joseph was a devout Catholic. Some time however is devoted to the subject of nationalism, which of course historically helped tear the empire apart. Ultimately I am still optimistic that I will enjoy this story, although I am afraid it will end up focusing too much entirely on politics and not on anything else. As a lover of history it does seem interesting to me to speculate on how the HRE could have been potentially restored, in a century of waning Austrian influence.

Holy Roman Empire

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As long he remains a devout Catholic shouting deus vult it's fine


Is anyone of you know where I could find the raw text?


i think u might be able to find it on qidian's main chinese landing page. qidian.com? ...

Arunavazael:Is anyone of you know where I could find the raw text?

İts been in m-t-l-novel-.-com for almost a decade now. (Remove the dashes)

Arunavazael:Is anyone of you know where I could find the raw text?