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Ignoring grammar errors It was great the first few chapters but once the author decided to add more fantasy elements it quickly fell apart. The fantasy elements are the divine mythic Fantasy stuff and divine powers. Maybe some people are fine with it but I genuinely thought it was an ordinary guy who time traveled back in to Ancient Rome with nothing more than modern knowledge to help him, but fortunately it turned out the MC has brainwashing powers and starts introducing radically wild ideas like normal like: oh yes there’s this virus things responsible for sickness so put alcohol to disinfect.... so on Can’t he just say : “ here’s a bottle of holy water rub it on wounds to receive the gods blessings to heal your wounds or something” Can the MC be more subtle when introducing new stuff. There’s also the music stuff as I’m quite dubious about ancient Roman’s musical taste with modern music. There are other dubious parts and larger elephants in the room which I won’t state as I’m people can read the comments section.


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