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Its a great novel but its lacks any real character. It's always the MC does this or that and no real feeling by any people in the story that makes you feel what kind of person they are. I've only read up to the fiance part and I can say there is nothing for me to root for. Even the MC power makes things convenient and has everyone behaving like zombies without any free will of themselves. What kind of enjoyment is it to read when everyone doesn't have a mind of their own aside from the bland MC. Another issue is the grammar and spelling issues. The author is in dire need of an editor. That all said I love the concept but I don't find myself wanting to read another chapter with no personality to speak of within the novel.


Nova Roma


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Ty for the review but its too late for this volume to change that problem of lack of personality, For the next volume, I will change that problem, this was my first novel so no idea how to make a story so I star with an idea but no develop more my character, whatever I need to thank you for the review if I don't identify the problem its impossible to change ;)