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Writing 3/5 My writing is ****, and I am lazy. I always hated writing, but I still want to share my plethora of ideas. Stability of Updates 1/5 Pray for me for my imperfection. Story Development 2/3 Unlike my other two stories, I didn't plan anything for this. I wanted to try experimenting with my ability to come up with bull ****. For example, I wrote the synopsis after I finished writing the first chapter and at that moment, I had no idea what the story was going to be about. Character Design 3/5 I don't know what a good character is but my characters are decent compared to the rainstorm of **** I read in this site. World Background 5/5 I like the settings I create, maybe because I don't have to read my work to picture my own world.


Bone Collector of The Cosmic Rivers


Liked it!

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