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5 stars!! This is the first time I’ve given full starts I think, but I really have lottle critique to give. Of course, things can be fine-tuned and improved, but on Webnovel, you’ve reached a level that hits all checkboxes. The two leads are fleshed out well, the writing and story is immersive and hooks enough to want to know what happens next. Good amount of detail, and the ******* is really nice. I look forward to seeing the butterfly’s return hehe. Only other thing I’ll point out is who are the other names mentioned with Yuan? Yuan is her child, and I’m guessing it’s with Jinho, but why did she have to call her husband? She’s married but Yuan was the one she was talking to? Clarification on that was missing some what. I imagine though with future chapters I’ll grasp it better.


Office Diaries


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