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Part of a review swap, valid as of Chapter 11. This is my first five star review on WN, honestly I'm just going to give praise in this review than offer any suggestions. This story has me hooked and I'll keep on reading this. Writing Quality: (╥﹏╥) You're writing is so good, I need to learn more from you. 5/5 Story Development and Character Design: 5/5 ) For only eleven chapters, the pacing is good and there's no areas that confuse me. Everything is gradually explained leaving you anticipating for more. With the intro being so dark (a bit unexpected) I started to expect more angst. But with this intro, the rest of the story flows. The characters thoughts were portrayed and described well and us readers get a insight into why the lead changed so much. Most rebirth stories involve being born as another person, this is the first where the character is reborn as a tree. World Background: 🤔 The system is explained really well. I've never read a system novel before so I'm unsure what to comment on. But the author's fluent writing style helps to easily build a picture in the readers mind. Overall: 5/5 Going to keep this in my library, keep up the good work (Sorry for the delay, I was on holiday)


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No worries about the delay! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing~! (: