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You got me at animal contracts. At most, I've read manga systems in the past. This is my first time reading a novel so and I honestly don't know how to think of the whole set up. Other than that, the rest of the ride was engaging! Writing Quality: Very good! It's incredibly easy to understand. Lines flow well, punctuation is there and used well, and word choices aren't repetitive. It's difficult to find well written original novels on here, so to other readers, thoroughly enjoy this novel! Stability of Updates: I have no right to complain about anyone's updates. You're doing amazing, sweetie. Story Development: Overall, it was well-paced. When we hit chapter eight, we come to see the beginnings of a political arc after slowly leveling up as a tree. In my experience reading this, I'm not super engaged with what's happening plot-wise? The topic is definitely interesting, but I think I need a little something faster paced maybe? I'm not entirely sure what my deal is here. It's good, don't get me wrong, but I feel like it's missing a little spice? Maybe I feel like the stakes aren't high enough for something idk? Character Design: I'm mostly here for the characters, which isn't a bad thing. I like the dynamic between the MC and Cardisys. I'm always a fan of those kinds of love-hate but not really kind of relationships. "Hands off the bark, mister!" How could I not appreciate MC for that line? World Background: I found the beginning to be a little too much of an info dump? Then again, this is my first time reading a system novel, so it helped me understand the dynamics of it (world building is hard bc I get why exposition needs to happen). Overall, this novel is engaging to read and pretty interesting in my perspective. I'll be keeping it in my library to see future developments :))


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