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This novel has a very good premise, the MC works hard and has a system and I like that combination a lot however there are quite a few problems I had with the novel. Firstly, the MC works very hard and has OP skills ranked SS etc however he's not that impressive. Sure, he's better than the others but he's not astoundingly good and he improves quite slowly despite his 99 luck stat and system. That being said, he is very good. Secondly, the romance is utterly forced, the MC's personality is like 'I love my mom so much, I'll do whatever to make her happy and even have her live with me and my wife after I get married.' MC is also very boring in my opinion, his actions are really robotic and also the way he talks is (or how it's written). However, the biggest problem is the grammar for me. If an editor was hired it would retain a lot more people to read this I think. Paying SS for grammar of this quality sucks. This is not the author's native language, yes, but for the novel to be pay-walled it should have good grammar. A few more points; the upload speed is very good, the author doesn't take long hiatuses like other authors of original novels or even translations. If you're a fan of basketball and steady growth of a main character playing it I recommend this.


Be happy with sports


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